Feeds we make fresh at the mill “UM” Brand:

Pigs:  Kick Starter, Hog Grower, Natures Hog Grower (no corn or soy), Natures Hog Finisher, Natures Brood Sow, Gourley Major League Show Pig, Gourley Grand Finale Show Pig, and Dr. Cole’s Mini Pig.

Cattle:  Stock, Utility, Beef Fattener, Dairy

Goats:  Meat Goat, Strong Goat, Utility, Stock and Goat Pellets

Sheep:  Stock, Utility, Harms

Rabbits:  Rabbit, Steele, Life Long King Rabbit

Alpaca:  Paca

Horse:  Regular Horse, Dixie

Poultry:  2-Grain Scratch, 6-Grain Scratch, Chick Starter, Poultry Developer, Natures Broiler, Broiler, Natures Layer, Complete Lay, 20% Layer, Turkey Starter, Turkey Grower, Bob’s Special Game Fowl

Grains:  Oats, Barley, Corn, Milo, Wheat, Soybean


Other Feeds:  Haystack, Purina Products, Vita-Lix Tubs, Loose Salt, Salt Blocks, Water Softener Salt, Rice Bran, Beet Pulp, Oyster Shell, Grit, Milk Replacers

Pet Food:  Blue Buffalo, Nutri Source, Taste of the Wild, Diamond, Prey, Next Level, Canidae

Hay:  Alfalfa Hay, Orchard Hay, Local Grass, Straw, Certified Hay, Chaffhaye

Pellets:  Bedding Pellets, Shavings, Pellet Stove Pellets, Fire Logs, BBQ Flavored Pellets

Backyard Birds and Friends:  Wild Bird Seed, Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Chips, Nyger Seed, Finch, Peanuts, Suet

Fertilizers, Fencing Materials, Potting Soils, Limestone, Hydrated Lime, Stock Water Tanks